June 22 All Events

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June 22nd, 2008 (June 22 2008)DeathGeorge Carlin, American comedian, actor (born in 1937)George Carlin Quotes
June 22nd, 2008 (June 22 2008)DeathDody Goodman, American comedienne (born in 1914)
June 22nd, 2008 (June 22 2008)DeathJane McGrath, British-born Australian cancer support campaigner (born in 1966)
June 22nd, 2007 (June 22 2007)DeathNancy Benoit, former professional wrestling valet(born in 1964)
June 22nd, 2007 (June 22 2007)DeathErik Parlevliet, Dutch field hockey player (born in 1964)
June 22nd, 2006 (June 22 2006)DeathMoose (dog actor), dog actor popular for role on Frasier (born in 1990)
June 22nd, 2004 (June 22 2004)DeathMattie Stepanek, American poet (born in 1990)
June 22nd, 2004 (June 22 2004)DeathBob Bemer, American computer scientist (born in 1920)
June 22nd, 2004 (June 22 2004)DeathKim Sun-il, South Korean translator (born in 1970)
June 22nd, 2002 (June 22 2002)EventAn earthquake in western Iran measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale kills more than 261 people.
June 22nd, 2002 (June 22 2002)DeathDarryl Kile, American baseball player (born in 1968)
June 22nd, 2002 (June 22 2002)DeathAnn Landers, American columnist (born in 1918)Ann Landers Quotes
June 22nd, 1997 (June 22 1997)DeathTed Gardestad, Swedish singer (born in 1956)
June 22nd, 1997 (June 22 1997)DeathDon Henderson, English actor (born in 1932)
June 22nd, 1997 (June 22 1997)DeathGerard Pelletier, Canadian journalist, politician, and diplomat (born in 1919)
June 22nd, 1995 (June 22 1995)DeathAl Hansen, American artist (born in 1927)
June 22nd, 1993 (June 22 1993)DeathPat Nixon, First Lady of the United States (born in 1912)
June 22nd, 1992 (June 22 1992)DeathChuck Mitchell, American actor (born in 1927)
June 22nd, 1990 (June 22 1990)DeathIlya Frank, Russian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1908)
June 22nd, 1989 (June 22 1989)DeathLucien Saulnier, Canadian politician (born in 1916)
June 22nd, 1988 (June 22 1988)BirthKieran Lee, English football player
June 22nd, 1988 (June 22 1988)DeathDennis Day, American singer and actor (born in 1916)
June 22nd, 1987 (June 22 1987)DeathFred Astaire, American dancer and actor (born in 1899)Fred Astaire Quotes
June 22nd, 1986 (June 22 1986)BirthRamin Ott, American Samoan football player
June 22nd, 1985 (June 22 1985)BirthRosa Kato, Italian-Japanese model and actress
June 22nd, 1985 (June 22 1985)BirthSofoklis Schortsanitis, Greek-Cameroonian basketball player
June 22nd, 1984 (June 22 1984)BirthJerome Taylor, West Indies international cricketer
June 22nd, 1984 (June 22 1984)BirthJanko Tipsarevic, Serbian tennis player
June 22nd, 1984 (June 22 1984)DeathJoseph Losey, American theater and film director (born in 1909)
June 22nd, 1982 (June 22 1982)BirthSoraia Chaves, Portuguese actress and model
June 22nd, 1982 (June 22 1982)BirthIan Kinsler, American baseball player
June 22nd, 1981 (June 22 1981)BirthChris Urbanowicz, guitarist of British rock band EditorsChris Rock Quotes
June 22nd, 1979 (June 22 1979)BirthJoey Cheek, American speed skater
June 22nd, 1979 (June 22 1979)BirthThomas Voeckler, French road bicycle racer
June 22nd, 1979 (June 22 1979)BirthBrad Hawpe, American baseball player
June 22nd, 1979 (June 22 1979)DeathLouis Chiron, Monaco race car driver (born in 1899)
June 22nd, 1978 (June 22 1978)EventCharon, a satellite of the dwarf planet Pluto, is discovered.
June 22nd, 1978 (June 22 1978)BirthChamp Bailey, American football player
June 22nd, 1978 (June 22 1978)BirthJai Rodriguez, American TV personality
June 22nd, 1978 (June 22 1978)BirthDan Wheldon, British race car driver
June 22nd, 1977 (June 22 1977)DeathPeter Laughner, American singer, songwriter and guitarist (Rocket From the Tombs, Pere Ubu) (born in 1952)
June 22nd, 1976 (June 22 1976)EventCanadian House of Commons abolishes capital punishment.
June 22nd, 1976 (June 22 1976)BirthGordon Moakes, English musician (Bloc Party)
June 22nd, 1975 (June 22 1975)BirthAndreas Kloden, German professional road bicycle racer
June 22nd, 1975 (June 22 1975)BirthLaila Rouass, Moroccan-Indian actress
June 22nd, 1974 (June 22 1974)BirthDonald Faison, American actor
June 22nd, 1974 (June 22 1974)BirthJoseph Vijay, Indian actor
June 22nd, 1974 (June 22 1974)DeathHorace Lindrum, Australian snooker and billiards player (born in 1912) Horace Quotes
June 22nd, 1974 (June 22 1974)DeathDarius Milhaud, French composer (born in 1892)
June 22nd, 1973 (June 22 1973)BirthCarson Daly, American television personality
June 22nd, 1971 (June 22 1971)BirthMary Lynn Rajskub, American actress
June 22nd, 1971 (June 22 1971)BirthKurt Warner, American football player
June 22nd, 1970 (June 22 1970)BirthSteven Page, Canadian singer (Barenaked Ladies)
June 22nd, 1970 (June 22 1970)BirthMichel Elefteriades, Greek-Lebanese politician, artist, producer and businessman
June 22nd, 1969 (June 22 1969)EventThe Cuyahoga River catches fire, which triggered a crack-down on pollution in the river.
June 22nd, 1969 (June 22 1969)DeathJudy Garland, American singer and actress (born in 1922)Judy Garland Quotes
June 22nd, 1968 (June 22 1968)BirthDarrell Armstrong, American basketball player
June 22nd, 1966 (June 22 1966)BirthMichael Park, WRC co-pilot (died in 2005)
June 22nd, 1966 (June 22 1966)BirthEmmanuelle Seigner, French actress
June 22nd, 1965 (June 22 1965)BirthLubomir Moravcik, Slovakian footballer
June 22nd, 1965 (June 22 1965)DeathDavid O. Selznick, American film producer (born in 1902)
June 22nd, 1964 (June 22 1964)BirthAmy Brenneman, American actress
June 22nd, 1964 (June 22 1964)BirthDan Brown, American author
June 22nd, 1964 (June 22 1964)DeathHavank, Dutch writer (born in 1904)
June 22nd, 1963 (June 22 1963)BirthRandy Couture, American mixed martial artist Martial Quotes
June 22nd, 1963 (June 22 1963)BirthJohn Tenta, Canadian professional wrestler (died in 2006)
June 22nd, 1963 (June 22 1963)DeathMaria Tanase, Romanian singer of traditional and popular music (born in 1913)
June 22nd, 1962 (June 22 1962)EventAn Air France Boeing 707 jet crashes in bad weather in Guadeloupe, West Indies killing 113.
June 22nd, 1962 (June 22 1962)BirthClyde Drexler, former American NBA player
June 22nd, 1962 (June 22 1962)BirthStephen Chow, Hong Kong actor and director
June 22nd, 1962 (June 22 1962)BirthBobby Gillespie, Scottish musician (Primal Scream)
June 22nd, 1961 (June 22 1961)BirthStephen Batchelor
June 22nd, 1961 (June 22 1961)BirthJimmy Somerville, Scottish singer (Bronski Beat, Communards)
June 22nd, 1961 (June 22 1961)DeathMaria of Romania, Queen Consort of Yugoslavia (born in 1900)
June 22nd, 1960 (June 22 1960)BirthErin Brockovich-Ellis
June 22nd, 1959 (June 22 1959)BirthWayne Federman, American comedian
June 22nd, 1959 (June 22 1959)BirthNicola Sirkis, French singer and lyricist (Indochine)
June 22nd, 1959 (June 22 1959)BirthMike O Meara, host of The Mike O Meara Show and former co-host of Don and Mike Show
June 22nd, 1959 (June 22 1959)DeathHermann Brill, German politician (born in 1895)
June 22nd, 1958 (June 22 1958)BirthBruce Campbell, American actor
June 22nd, 1957 (June 22 1957)EventThe Soviet Union launches R-12 missile for the first time (in Kapustin Yar).
June 22nd, 1957 (June 22 1957)BirthGarry Gary Beers, Australian bassist from group INXS
June 22nd, 1957 (June 22 1957)BirthDanny Baker, English comedy writer and radio presenter
June 22nd, 1956 (June 22 1956)BirthAlfons De Wolf, Belgian cyclist
June 22nd, 1956 (June 22 1956)BirthShah Mehmood Qureshi, Pakistani Politician and Foreign Minister
June 22nd, 1956 (June 22 1956)BirthTim Russ, American actor
June 22nd, 1955 (June 22 1955)BirthGreen Gartside, Welsh singer songwriter
June 22nd, 1954 (June 22 1954)BirthFreddie Prinze, American actor and comedian (died in 1977)
June 22nd, 1953 (June 22 1953)BirthCyndi Lauper, American singer
June 22nd, 1953 (June 22 1953)BirthBruce McAvaney, Australian sports broadcaster
June 22nd, 1952 (June 22 1952)BirthGraham Greene, Canadian actorGraham Greene Quotes
June 22nd, 1949 (June 22 1949)BirthMeryl Streep, American actress
June 22nd, 1949 (June 22 1949)BirthLindsay Wagner, American actress
June 22nd, 1949 (June 22 1949)BirthAlan Osmond, American singer
June 22nd, 1948 (June 22 1948)BirthTodd Rundgren, American songwriter and record producer
June 22nd, 1947 (June 22 1947)BirthOctavia Butler, American author (died in 2006)
June 22nd, 1947 (June 22 1947)BirthJerry Rawlings, former President of Ghana
June 22nd, 1947 (June 22 1947)BirthDavid Lander, American actor and baseball scout
June 22nd, 1947 (June 22 1947)BirthHoward Kaylan, founding member of The Turtles
June 22nd, 1947 (June 22 1947)BirthPete Maravich, American basketball player (died in 1988)
June 22nd, 1946 (June 22 1946)BirthEliades Ochoa, Cuban guitarist (Buena Vista Social Club)
June 22nd, 1944 (June 22 1944)EventOpening day of the Soviet Union s Operation Bagration against Army Group Centre.
June 22nd, 1944 (June 22 1944)BirthKlaus Maria Brandauer, Austrian actor
June 22nd, 1944 (June 22 1944)BirthPeter Asher, British singer, guitarist and producer (Peter & Gordon)
June 22nd, 1943 (June 22 1943)BirthBrit Hume, American news anchor and commentator
June 22nd, 1943 (June 22 1943)BirthEumir Deodato, Brazilian artist, producer and arranger
June 22nd, 1942 (June 22 1942)EventErwin Rommel is promoted to Field Marshal after the capture of Tobruk.Erwin Rommel Quotes
June 22nd, 1941 (June 22 1941)EventGermany invades the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa, one of the most dramatic turning points of World War II.
June 22nd, 1941 (June 22 1941)EventFirst anti-fascist armed unit in occupied Europe founded by Croatian partisans near Sisak, Croatia.
June 22nd, 1941 (June 22 1941)EventThe Lithuanian 1941 independence begins.
June 22nd, 1941 (June 22 1941)EventVarious Communist and Socialist French Resistance movements merge to one group.
June 22nd, 1941 (June 22 1941)BirthEd Bradley, American journalist (died in 2006)
June 22nd, 1941 (June 22 1941)BirthMichael Lerner, American actor
June 22nd, 1940 (June 22 1940)EventFrance is forced to sign the Second Compiegne armistice with Germany.
June 22nd, 1940 (June 22 1940)BirthEsther Rantzen, British TV presenter
June 22nd, 1940 (June 22 1940)BirthAbbas Kiarostami, Iranian filmmaker/poet
June 22nd, 1939 (June 22 1939)BirthDon Matthews, American football coach in the CFL
June 22nd, 1938 (June 22 1938)DeathC.J. Dennis, Australian writer and poet (born in 1876)
June 22nd, 1936 (June 22 1936)BirthKris Kristofferson, American singer/songwriter and actor
June 22nd, 1936 (June 22 1936)BirthHermeto Pascoal, Brazilian musician
June 22nd, 1936 (June 22 1936)DeathMoritz Schlick, Austrian philosopher (born in 1882) Philo Quotes
June 22nd, 1935 (June 22 1935)DeathSzymon Askenazy, Polish historian, diplomat and politician (born in 1866)
June 22nd, 1933 (June 22 1933)BirthDianne Feinstein, American politician
June 22nd, 1933 (June 22 1933)BirthJacques Martin, French TV host (died in 2007)
June 22nd, 1933 (June 22 1933)BirthLibor Pesek, Czech conductor
June 22nd, 1933 (June 22 1933)DeathHenry Birkin, British racing driver (born in 1896)
June 22nd, 1932 (June 22 1932)BirthAmrish Puri, Indian actor (died in 2005)
June 22nd, 1932 (June 22 1932)BirthPrunella Scales, English actress
June 22nd, 1932 (June 22 1932)DeathTommy Treichel, American professional wrestler (born in 1892)
June 22nd, 1931 (June 22 1931)DeathArmand Fallieres, French president (born in 1841)
June 22nd, 1930 (June 22 1930)BirthYuri Artyukhin, cosmonaut (died in 1998)
June 22nd, 1928 (June 22 1928)DeathA. B. Frost, American illustrator (born in 1851)
June 22nd, 1927 (June 22 1927)BirthAnn Petersen, Belgian actress (died in 2003)
June 22nd, 1925 (June 22 1925)DeathFelix Klein, German mathematician (born in 1849)
June 22nd, 1922 (June 22 1922)EventHerrin massacre, 19 strikebreakers and 2 union miners are killed in Herrin, Illinois.
June 22nd, 1922 (June 22 1922)BirthBill Blass, American fashion designer (died in 2002)
June 22nd, 1922 (June 22 1922)BirthGeza Vermes, Hungarian author and scholar of religious history and the Dead Sea ScrollsGeza Vermes Quotes
June 22nd, 1922 (June 22 1922)BirthMona Lisa, Filipino actress
June 22nd, 1921 (June 22 1921)BirthJoseph Papp, American director and producer (died in 1991)
June 22nd, 1920 (June 22 1920)BirthPaul Frees, American voice actor (died in 1986)
June 22nd, 1919 (June 22 1919)BirthGower Champion, American dancer and choreographer (died in 1980)
June 22nd, 1918 (June 22 1918)EventHammond circus train wreck kills 86 and injures 127 near Hammond, Indiana.
June 22nd, 1916 (June 22 1916)BirthJohnny Jacobs, American television announcer (died in 1982)
June 22nd, 1913 (June 22 1913)DeathStefan Octavian Iosif, Romanian poet (born in 1875)
June 22nd, 1912 (June 22 1912)BirthPrincess Caroline Mathilde of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (died in 1983)
June 22nd, 1910 (June 22 1910)BirthPeter Pears, English tenor (died in 1986)
June 22nd, 1910 (June 22 1910)BirthKonrad Zuse, German engineer and computer pioneer (died in 1995)
June 22nd, 1909 (June 22 1909)BirthMaurice Adler, American film producer (died in 1960)
June 22nd, 1907 (June 22 1907)BirthMike Todd, American film producer (died in 1958)
June 22nd, 1906 (June 22 1906)BirthAnne Morrow Lindbergh, American author and pilot (died in 2001)
June 22nd, 1906 (June 22 1906)BirthBilly Wilder, Austrian-born director (died in 2002)
June 22nd, 1905 (June 22 1905)DeathFrancis Lubbock, Governor of Texas (born in 1815)
June 22nd, 1903 (June 22 1903)BirthCarl Hubbell, baseball player (died in 1988)
June 22nd, 1903 (June 22 1903)BirthJohn Dillinger, American bank robber (died in 1934)
June 22nd, 1902 (June 22 1902)BirthMarguerite De La Motte, American actress (died in 1950)
June 22nd, 1899 (June 22 1899)BirthMichal Kalecki, Polish economist (died in 1970)
June 22nd, 1898 (June 22 1898)EventSpanish-American War: United States Marines land in Cuba.
June 22nd, 1898 (June 22 1898)BirthErich Maria Remarque, German writer (died in 1970)Erich Maria Remarque Quotes
June 22nd, 1897 (June 22 1897)BirthEdmund A. Chester, American broadcaster and journalist (died in 1973)
June 22nd, 1897 (June 22 1897)BirthNorbert Elias, German sociologist (died in 1990)
June 22nd, 1894 (June 22 1894)DeathAlexandre-Antonin Tache, Canadian archbishop (born in 1823)
June 22nd, 1893 (June 22 1893)EventThe Royal Navy battleship HMS Camperdown accidentally rams the British Mediterranean Fleet flagship HMS Victoria which sinks taking 358 crew with her, including the fleet s commander, Vice-Admiral Sir George Tryon.
June 22nd, 1892 (June 22 1892)BirthRobert Ritter von Greim, German field marshal (died in 1945)
June 22nd, 1892 (June 22 1892)DeathPierre Ossian Bonnet, French mathematician (born in 1819)
June 22nd, 1888 (June 22 1888)BirthHarold Burton, U.S. Supreme Court justice (died in 1964)
June 22nd, 1887 (June 22 1887)BirthJulian Huxley, British biologist (died in 1975)Julian Huxley Quotes
June 22nd, 1885 (June 22 1885)BirthMilan Vidmar, Slovenian engineer and chess player (died in 1962)
June 22nd, 1884 (June 22 1884)BirthJames Rector, American athlete (died in 1949)
June 22nd, 1879 (June 22 1879)BirthThibaudeau Rinfret, jurist and Chief Justice of Canada (died in 1962)
June 22nd, 1874 (June 22 1874)DeathHoward Staunton, English chess master (born in 1810)
June 22nd, 1871 (June 22 1871)BirthWilliam McDougall, British psychologist and polymath (died in 1938)
June 22nd, 1868 (June 22 1868)DeathHeber C. Kimball, American religious leader (born in 1801)
June 22nd, 1866 (June 22 1866)EventBattle of Custoza: an Austrian army defeats the Italian army during the Austro-Prussian War.
June 22nd, 1864 (June 22 1864)BirthHermann Minkowski, German mathematician (died in 1909)
June 22nd, 1861 (June 22 1861)BirthMaximilian von Spee, German admiral (died in 1914)
June 22nd, 1856 (June 22 1856)BirthH. Rider Haggard, English author (died in 1925)
June 22nd, 1848 (June 22 1848)EventBeginning of the June Days Uprising in Paris.
June 22nd, 1845 (June 22 1845)BirthTom Dula, American folk character (Tom Dooley) (died in 1868)
June 22nd, 1844 (June 22 1844)EventInfluential North American fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon is founded at Yale University.
June 22nd, 1837 (June 22 1837)BirthPaul Morphy, American chess master (died in 1884)
June 22nd, 1825 (June 22 1825)EventBritish Parliament abolishes feudalism and the seigneurial system in British North America.
June 22nd, 1815 (June 22 1815)EventSecond abdication of Napoleon.
June 22nd, 1812 (June 22 1812)EventNapoleon declares war on Russia and invades.
June 22nd, 1805 (June 22 1805)BirthGiuseppe Mazzini, Italian politician (died in 1872)
June 22nd, 1783 (June 22 1783)EventPoisonous cloud from Laki volcanic eruption in Iceland reaches Le Havre in France.
June 22nd, 1767 (June 22 1767)BirthWilhelm von Humboldt, German philosopher and statesman (died in 1835)Wilhelm von Humboldt Quotes
June 22nd, 1757 (June 22 1757)BirthGeorge Vancouver, British explorer (died in 1798)
June 22nd, 1738 (June 22 1738)BirthJacques Delille, French poet and translator (died in 1813)
June 22nd, 1714 (June 22 1714)DeathMatthew Henry, English non-conformist minister (born in 1662)Matthew Henry Quotes
June 22nd, 1713 (June 22 1713)BirthLord John Philip Sackville, English cricketer (died in 1765)
June 22nd, 1704 (June 22 1704)BirthJohn Taylor, English classical scholar (died in 1766)
June 22nd, 1699 (June 22 1699)DeathJosiah Child, English Governor of the East India Company (born in 1630)
June 22nd, 1684 (June 22 1684)BirthFrancesco Manfredini, Italian baroque composer (died in 1762)
June 22nd, 1680 (June 22 1680)BirthEbenezer Erskine, Scottish religious dissenter (died in 1754)
June 22nd, 1634 (June 22 1634)DeathJohann von Aldringen, Austrian field marshal (born in 1588)
June 22nd, 1633 (June 22 1633)EventThe Holy Office in Rome forces Galileo Galilei to recant his scientific view that the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the Universe.Galileo Galilei Quotes
June 22nd, 1632 (June 22 1632)DeathJames Whitelocke, English judge (born in 1570)
June 22nd, 1593 (June 22 1593)EventBattle of Sisak: Allied Christian troops defeat the Turks.
June 22nd, 1535 (June 22 1535)DeathJohn Fisher, Bishop of Rochester (executed)
June 22nd, 1429 (June 22 1429)DeathGhiyath al-Kashi, Persian astronomer and mathematician (born in 1380)
June 22nd, 1276 (June 22 1276)DeathPope Innocent V
June 22nd, 0217 (June 22 0217)EventBattle of Raphia: Ptolemy IV of Egypt defeats Antiochus III the Great of the Seleucid kingdom. Ptolemy Quotes
June 22nd, 0168 (June 22 0168)EventBattle of Pydna: Romans under Lucius Aemilius Paullus defeat and capture Macedonian King Perseus, ending the Third Macedonian War.

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